BABA YAGA Buddha Tassel Necklace

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BABAYAGA Ilona Virostek Buddha Tassel Necklace

From my studio: a double-tassel necklace with a centerpiece of a handmade Thai Buddha pendant.  Many many little pyrite beads are also used for sparkle and good luck.


The cylinder beads are also tribal goodies from Asia.  They are silver plated copper and eventually will have a nice patina.

From my sketchbook….

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Veruschka Necklace by BABA YAGA NYC

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This necklace was inspired by the photo of Veruschka from a previous post.  It’s somehow both nautical and extraterrestrial, don’t you think?


BABA YAGA NYC on Etsy: Give the gift of groovy jewelry

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A small selection of one-of-a-kind handmade BABA YAGA NYC jewelry is currently for sale on Etsy, for the holiday season.

Each piece was cultivated in an environment of inspired fantasy, sensuous appreciation, fragrant incense smoke, magical spells, and good music.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind by nature, and brings together elements from far-flung corners of the world to delight you and make you look wonderful.

Perhaps you remember my previous blogs on the Man Talisman, the Black Pearl Blood Mala and its White Magic Sister, and the Antique Indian Jewelry.  Then there was that Hathor Necklace with the amazing lapis and ruby beads on multilayered chains…. not to mention a bunch of stuff I never even got around to telling you about.

Check it out! The BABA YAGA  NYC Etsy store goes back on vacation after the holidays, and I’ll just have to keep any remaining baubles for myself….which I secretly want to do anyway, because this stuff is awesome.


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The Quest

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“Everyone needs a quest as an excuse for living.”

-Bruce Chatwin

More Pearl Malas by BABA YAGA NYC

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